Tile - our specialty!

Any renovation can be stressful. Even choosing the perfect tile may seem intimidating, but we'll work closely with you on budgets, styles and finishes. Let us assist you to create your perfect space.



We aren’t feng shui experts, but we know how to create a room that maximizes and compliments your living space.

about us

A family business that started in 1972 with our father, Giuseppe Bova. His business formula was quite simple, Sell Quality Products together with Italian Craftsmanship. That 

formula hasn't changed, nor the Italian craftsman. Massimo was born in Agrigento, Italy. He lived among some of the greatest Greek Temples, Roman architecture and distinct Spanish and Moorish influence. He played and walked the roads where some of the greatest of men have walked. Creating and building was part of his DNA and his passion is obvious. Canada was the opportunity to share what a true Artigiano translates to. Manitoba embraced Massimo for over 20+ years. Now, we offer the knowledge, skill and passion to Vancouver Island. Serving Greater Victoria to Comox.

​Stile by Massimo, owned by Massimo (artigiano) and Nansy (I.D.) continues to focus on residential and light commercial applications where we can build close relationships with both the homeowners and quality builders who believe that quality product and installation will always be the priority.  


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